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Introducing ThermaVein

ThermaVein is a professional medical pen-shaped device which delivers a very low microwave current through a hair-wide needle.

ThermaVein is a safe, clinically proven, fast-acting and effective way to treat a range of vascular and skin conditions including:
  • facial thread veins/spider veins (telangiectasia)
  • milia (small white facial dots)
  • skin tags
  • broken veins
  • Campbell de Morgan spots (red dots/bumps)
  • Blackheads (open comedo)
  • small thread veins of the leg (as a stand-alone treatment)
  • larger thread veins of the leg (usually requires 3 treatments)
  • rosacea (combined with facial cream +/- antibiotics +/- IPL)
  • superficial vascular lesions anywhere on the body
  • visible veins inside the nose
Premium Thread Vein Removal: Say goodbye to facial thread veins

ThermaVein is the gold standard treatment for facial thread veins. Facial thread veins resulting from ageing, delicate skin, rosacea, exposure to the sun, pregnancy and injury can all be treated effectively with ThermaVein with minimal impact to the surrounding tissue. The treatment is very safe and extraordinarily precise when compared to laser or IPL thread vein treatments.

The pen-shaped device delivers short bursts of very low (4MHz) microwave current just under the surface of the skin. The microwave current is then absorbed by the unwanted vein, causing that section of the vein to close off. Once closed, the vein can then be naturally absorbed by the body reverting the skin back to its original colour.

ThermaVein is a very safe and light enough treatment that it can be used on the septum of the nose or on the eyelid. Most people describe the procedure to cause a tingling sensation or a feeling similar to that of a hair being plucked. Skin tag treatments typically involve a more intense treatment to a small area causing the skin to feel more tender.

ThermaVein treatments at Essex Aesthetics

ThermaVein treatments at Essex Aesthetics will usually last between 10 and 15 minutes and should be avoided by pregnant women, epileptic patients, and patients who have recently undergone sunless tanning (NB: a genuine suntan is not a problem).

The number of sessions needed will naturally depend on the size of the area to be treated. Legs usually require more treatment sessions. Many treatments can be performed in one short session, but if a large number of thread veins are to be treated, this may require a second and possibly a third session.

Patients should avoid intense exercise, saunas, steam rooms and sun exposure for 48 hours after a ThermaVein treatment.

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